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This website is dedicated to Printing Sales Growth through the use of Internet Marketing for Printers.  If your visiting my website, you either own a printing business or you’re an industry player.  My name is Jim Intihar, and I’ve owned a printing business since 1998.  Learn how to unleash the power of Internet marketing on your local printing business by watching my video or contacting us today. Below are my observations and recommendations to drive printing sales and make owning a printing business fun again.  The Internet has been a blessing to my business and it can be to yours as well.

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What I can tell you is that the printing industry has changed forever and if you’re not actively embracing the Internet as a means to drive printing sales to you – you are losing and losing big! Folks, the fact of the matter is that technology, the Internet, and the search engines have completely changed the playing field for Printers.  DO NOT believe sales are flat or down because of the economy, that’s a fallacy.  The truth is that if the economy came roaring back, you would be lucky to see even a modest tick upward in your printing sales numbers.  I know that’s a hard statement to accept, but it’s one you must accept if you are going to continue to have a printing company as a viable business entity.  The proof is in the numbers and they do not lie.  Magazines and newspapers are going out of business all over the country.  Printing and mailing businesses are closing their doors or consolidating.  The Post Office is insolvent and is looking at closing facilities and reducing services.  Industry players like Xerox, Heidelburg, Ryobi, Hamada, and AB Dick have either gone out of business or have seen their sales and the people they employ cut 30% – 50% over the last decade.  The simple explanation for this cataclysmic shift is the Internet.  Let me explain further, first with a question.  What drives magazines, newspapers, commercial printers, the Post Office, and the large corporations that support them?  The answer is ADVERTISNG DOLLARS.  When advertising dollars dry up this causes a cascading affect throughout the entire supply chain.  Meaning even if your printing company didn’t produce any advertising materials, the Printer down the street did.  Now he’s looking to replace his lost printing sales and he’ll take yours if he can.  Make sense?

Folks, a large percentage of those advertising dollars have been reallocated to Internet Marketing Strategies and are NEVER coming back to the printing industry.   If you haven’t noticed, a company called Google has revolutionized the way we view advertising and marketing messages.  We are all now using smart phones, tablets and other devices to quickly seek out goods and services in a geographically targeted area.  The combination of Google and portable technology has cemented the fate for a lot of the “ink on paper” advertising mediums that we grew up with.

All this being said, the Internet cannot be seen as the enemy to the printing industry.  Time marches on and seasons change.  For the folks that embrace the Internet as a marketing strategy, it can be a beautifully rewarding thing to drive printing sales to your company.  I know because I’ve done it myself.   Internet generated leads represent 80% of all my new business.

Several years ago, I started seeing the printing industry change.  Run lengths had been shortened dramatically while other printed materials went away completely as they were just being uploaded to a website.  Online “gang run” printers began popping up and taking market share away from traditional brick and mortar local Printers.  What was I going to do? After a couple of weeks of feeling sorry for myself, I decided to embrace change and learn about the Internet phenomenon and to use it to grow my business.  After all if you can’t beat them, join them – and so began my journey as an Internet Marketer.

Folks, I’ve spent thousands of man-hours and tens of thousands of dollars over the last several years learning about marketing on the Internet.  I’ve bought dozens of software packages and worked with several Internet Marketing consultants.  I have been through many trials and tribulations.  I’ve made many mistakes, but have learned something from each and every one of them.  After two years of testing different techniques for Internet Marketing for Printers, I built an online lead generator for my printing business.  My lead generation site drives printing sales leads that we are able to convert into business.  Would you like to pick up a graphic designer that needs to outsource his printing? Or how about a regional bank that needs marketing materials on a weekly basis? Maybe pick up a franchise system that needs on going marketing materials to drive their business?  These are all clients that I have acquired through my “local printing sales lead generation website”.

As far as I know, I am the only Printer who has built a system that drives printing sales to his business using the Internet.  I have Printers from all over the country that ask me to assist them in generating business through Internet Marketing.  Because of this interest, I’ve decided to spin off Print Ready Internet Marketing from my printing company and offer Internet lead generation to local Printers.   In other words, Internet printing sales lead generation for Printers by a Printer.

For more information about Internet Marketing for Printers, watch our video or contact us today.

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“I’ve known Jim Intihar for years.  While a commercial printer, he has always pushed the envelope.  I’m sure Jim Intihar and Print Ready Internet Marketing will be the thought leaders when it comes to Internet Marketing for Printers”. Laurence Hochman - Ricoh
Laurence Hochman - Ricoh
“Jim Intihar is a long term Xerox customer who has been successfully selling profitable digital printing.  I have found that Jim is innovative in his thinking and methods to get new customers.  His Print Ready Internet Marketing for Printers is unique in the industry and will enable printers to improve their market share in their area.” Jackie Waitts - Xerox
Jackie Waitts - Xerox
“I have watched Jim Intihar’s printing business evolve over the years.  It’s been very impressive.  I’m sure with his latest endeavor, Print Ready Internet Marketing for Printers he will change the way a lot of printers view the Internet to generate printing leads for their local businesses. Brian Howerton - Presstek
Brian Howerton - Presstek